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2018 Festivals

All Dyed Up! Fibres is so excited to be vending at three festivals this year, the Peterborough Fibre Arts Festival and Sale, The Prince Edward County Fibre Fest, and the Kawartha Yarn & Fibre Festival.  Below are links to their websites and brief descriptions from each site.  Please stop by and say hi!

Peterborough Fibre Arts Festival and Sale

Peterborough Sport and Wellness Centre, (located by Fleming College)

775 Brealey Drive, Peterborough, On

Saturday, March 17, 2018, from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm

Admission $5.00, children 12 and under are free when accompanied by an adult.


Prince Edward County Fibre Fest

Saturday May 26th, from 9am to 4:30pm

Picton Arena and Community Centre, 375 Main Street, Picton Ontario.

$5 admission. Children 12 & under free.

Dozens of diverse vendors carrying fibre, felted garments, hand dyed wool, fleece, yarns and so much more!
Classes in felting, spinning, knitting, button making, and more.
Visit fuzzy fibre friends including – alpacas, sheep, and rabbits.
Sheep shearing demonstrations.
Local food trucks.
Farmers Market


Kawartha Yarn & Fibre Festival

10am – 5pm
Saturday, June 9, 2018
Fenelon Falls Secondary School
66 Lindsay St
Fenelon Falls, ON

Admission $4.00

Kawartha Yarn & Fibre Festival is designed specifically for knitters, crocheters, spinners and other fibre artists. It is a one day festival showcasing local and independent vendors, with a unique mini-market for small businesses.

There are classes available and a great refreshment station with lots of yummy treats! Come out and join in the fun!


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We have a winner!

Thank you to the ladies that entered our MAL.  I randomly picked a winner today and it is Mary Lou.  She has been private messaged.  (well I tried anyway, facebook really isn’t my thing!).

Are you all busy getting ready for the next few days!  I am, I have lists, lots of lists.  Happily some of the things on them are getting crossed off, last minute items are getting picked up or delivered, menus are planned, errands are being ran, arrival times are set, most of the knitting is done and the ends are sewn it … it will be fine!  I have a song that I hear in my head when I feel I am running out of time during the holidays, it is Carol Of The Bells.  When I reach a certain point of “stressed out” I start to hum, “da da da dum, da da da dum, merry, merry, merry Christmas”, and it speeds up with every increased level of panic.  My children have caught on to this and either offer to help or make themselves scarce, depending on what they think is best in the situation.  What can I say, I guess it has become one of my “traditions”.  There hasn’t been any humming so far this year, but I had better get back to those lists.

We would like to thank you for all of our support and joining us on this adventure this past year.  From our homes to yours, we wish you a great holiday season and a wonderful 2018!

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Christmas Decoration Make Along!

Welcome to our Christmas Decoration MAL!

From now until December 15/17 you are invited to hand make a Christmas decoration and tell us about it in the comments section of this blog.  (We would love to see pictures on our facebook  page or instagram with the hashtag #alldyedupchristmas).   You are welcome to create with the handiwork of your choice, some of us are knitters, crocheters, quilters, bead artists, paper artists, painters, etc.  There are so many wonderful ways to create some Christmas fun, let your imagination soar!  After December 15/17 we will count the number of comments below and using a random number generator we will pick one as our prize winner.  The winner will be contacted and we will make arrangements privately to deliver the prize.

Let the creative Christmas loveliness begin!!

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The Textured Cowl (Worsted Weight)

Introducing the Textured Cowl (Worsted Weight)

This warm, delightful pattern is Dianne’s creation, it is her first pattern and if I say so myself it is awesome!  I jumped at the chance to test knit it for her and it was a pleasure.  I found the pattern easy to follow, it used basic stitches and they change often enough to keep it interesting.  

This worsted weight cowl looks great knit in one colour or a multiple of colours.

The pattern is available in our store on this site, at Knit Traders, Kingston ON, Ravelry and Craftsy.

For a limited time we are offering a free copy of this pattern with the purchase of two of our worsted weight skeins. This offer is available on this site by dropping us an email after purchasing your yarn, purchasing your 2 skeins of worsted weight yarn at the Yarker Market on Oct 7/17 and at Knit Traders.  It would make a great Christmas gift!

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Have you any wool?

“Baa, baa, black sheep,
Have you any wool?
Yes, sir, yes, sir,
SIX bags full.”

Look what we did!

Dianne and I have been busy! These bags of lovelies are for Knit Traders, Kingston ON. There are various weights and lots of new colours. Here is a peek of a few ….
 Apple Jack

 Puddle Duck

 Grape Fizz

  and Harvey (I have been watching “Suits” lately).

Included as well are a few old faithfuls on new weights like …

Prairies In Bloom,

 Tiger Tail,

 and Goldilocks.

It has been a blast!

So to answer the question: Baa baa black sheep
Have you any wool?
Yes sir, yes sir,
We have six bags full
Not a one for a master, a dame, or a little boy that lives down the lane

But for Knit Traders!  Stop by for a peek.


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Christmas in July

Do you celebrate Christmas in July?  As a teenager we had some terrific neighbors that surprised us with a truck load of snow, a decorated tree and gifts on a warm summer evening.  It was shorts, flip flops, snowballs, and wonderful memories.  I can still recall what my gift was, it was a little wind up toy mouse.  There is a story behind that too but that is best saved for another day!

For me now Christmas in July means “let the planning begin!”  I am starting my list and checking it twice, well more than twice but you get the idea.  Who is on my list this year, what would I like to make for them, what colour, what size ……?  Hhmmmm  

Thank goodness it is only July, but then again I’d better get cracking … Christmas in December is right around the corner!

So it begins.  Season’s Greetings!

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May, how time flies!

May is flying by!  Dianne and I have a booth at the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival on May 27th.  I suspect that having this on our calendar is part of the reason it is going by in a blink, yes my dear friends it is coming fast.  There are lots of awesome vendors attending so if you are looking for a lovely drive and tons of fibre wonderfulness all under one roof you might enjoy taking it in. can provide more information.   Please stop by and say hi if you can make it as we would love to see you.


Today Dianne and I attended a social hosted by Christopher Walker in Stirling, Ontario.  Cabinboyknits is presenting “Knitters in Residence” from May to October, 2017.  On specific weekends there are a variety of scheduled workshops taught by 4 different teachers.  Today we were given the opportunity to meet the faculty and see the location; I walked away wanting to take each class!!!  The host, Christopher, and the instructors were very kind,  inspiring and generous with their knowledge and time.  The location is a beautiful wooded property with an authentic log cabin on it.  What a combination, great people and stunning surroundings, … sign this girl up!


As you can imagine the dye pots have been busy and will be busy for the next few weeks getting ready for the festival.  Dianne has been exceptionally hard at it,  she is the “have been busy” part of the previous sentence, I , on the other hand am the “and will be busy for the next few weeks” part.   New for All Dyed Up! for the festival is our DK and worsted weight yarn and Dianne has produced lots of scrumptious colours!  


Just imagine all of the lovely things that could be made from these!

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#1 Fan

Well dear friends, my trusty double pointed knitting needles are still my sock needles of choice.  I tried the 9” circulars, I gave them a whirl and nope, as much as the idea of them appeals to me they were zapping the fun out of my knitting.  So tiny needles … ta ta for now!  But a guess what, Dianne has given the 9”ers a try and she likes them! She is zipping right along with her sock, yahoo!  Dianne has said that she thinks they work so well for her because of how she holds her knitting needles and she has small hands, perfect hands for those little needles!  I think the experiment turned out pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool, just wait until you hear this!  If you watch the podcast you will know that Dianne and I went to a Needle Arts Group recently.   We met some really nice, talented women.  The whole group was great, I loved seeing all of the different types of needle art projects.  Upon arriving Dianne and I met another set of sisters that watch our podcast and came to the group to meet us!! Can you imagine, they came to meet us!  What a joy!  I couldn’t help it, I hugged them!  We chatted and laughed, and chatted and laughed!  I missed part of a conversation between them and Dianne but this is the result!


Dianne howled!  Isn’t this fun!!!  Corry and Gail, you rock!  Now Dianne, I did get enough of the conversation that generated this tee shirt to wonder if you aren’t suppose to return these pictures with one of your own, …  something about a super star pose??  Tee hee!  I also understand that Corry and Gail are opening their own shop shortly, I will certainly keep you posted when I learn more about it dear bloggers.

So here is to trying new things and meeting new people, they are pretty cool huh.

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What’s your style?

How do you hold your knitting needles when you knit?  There are many different knitting styles as I understand it.  Some styles have us hold the yarn in our left hand, others in our right, some have us throw the yarn over the needle, others have us “pick it”.  I have read that we as knitters typically continue to knit in the style in which we are first taught.  That sounds reasonable to me but having at least one other style under our belts can be quite handy.  It can gain us some speed, help to alleviate hand strain, perhaps relieve a little boredom if we can jump back and forth between styles, and if we are knitting with two strands of yarn we can hold one in each hand instead of having to put one down and pick up the other with the same hand for each colour change.  There are lots of resources online to help us learn a new style.  This, dear friends, is where I find myself these days.  As with knitting styles there are lots of different needle choices and methods when knitting socks, double points, magic loop, 9” circulars, etc.  I am typically a double pointed sock knitter but recently I dug a 9” circular out of my needle stash and thought I would give it a try again and lo and behold there it was, the reason the 9” was in the bottom of the needle stash, I hold my right hand needle like a pen and there is no room for that with a 9” circ.  I would have to change what my right hand is doing as well as how I put my yarn around the left hand needle.  I think the process of knitting with the little circular could be faster, one essentially knits around and around therefore here is no switching of needles as with the double pointed sets.  So it looks like I have a choice, struggle thru learning something new with my knitting or drop the little circular back into the dark hole!  I say struggle because it will be a struggle not to flip back to my old tried and true method. Usually learning something new is a joy but aren’t they so much easier to learn if we don’t have an alternative method in our knowledge base that we like and are so comfortable with!  How many days does it take to break a habit?  Only time will tell which will prevail dear friends, will this old chick learn a new trick!


Speaking of new, we have a new podcast out, episode three.  Dianne and I introduced Gloria in this episode and as I understand it she will be a regular!  We also mentioned how busy Dianne has been dying some new silk scarves.  I think they are absolutely gorgeous, you might like to pop into the shop and take a peek, I bet you will agree with me.  

We really do smile, honestly we do.  The yarn is very lovely, soft and just delightful!  You tube selects the happiest pictures don’t they!

I am full of smiles these days over a new project I am working on, once I get a few of the wrinkles worked out I will share it with you.  I am a little excited about it!

Until next time dear readers, whatever your style, all the best and thanks so much for stopping by.