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Well dear friends, my trusty double pointed knitting needles are still my sock needles of choice.  I tried the 9” circulars, I gave them a whirl and nope, as much as the idea of them appeals to me they were zapping the fun out of my knitting.  So tiny needles … ta ta for now!  But a guess what, Dianne has given the 9”ers a try and she likes them! She is zipping right along with her sock, yahoo!  Dianne has said that she thinks they work so well for her because of how she holds her knitting needles and she has small hands, perfect hands for those little needles!  I think the experiment turned out pretty cool.

Speaking of pretty cool, just wait until you hear this!  If you watch the podcast you will know that Dianne and I went to a Needle Arts Group recently.   We met some really nice, talented women.  The whole group was great, I loved seeing all of the different types of needle art projects.  Upon arriving Dianne and I met another set of sisters that watch our podcast and came to the group to meet us!! Can you imagine, they came to meet us!  What a joy!  I couldn’t help it, I hugged them!  We chatted and laughed, and chatted and laughed!  I missed part of a conversation between them and Dianne but this is the result!


Dianne howled!  Isn’t this fun!!!  Corry and Gail, you rock!  Now Dianne, I did get enough of the conversation that generated this tee shirt to wonder if you aren’t suppose to return these pictures with one of your own, …  something about a super star pose??  Tee hee!  I also understand that Corry and Gail are opening their own shop shortly, I will certainly keep you posted when I learn more about it dear bloggers.

So here is to trying new things and meeting new people, they are pretty cool huh.

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  1. Just finished a marathon of your podcasts, being retired am so busy I only got to watch the first one and then just watched to next 5. I enjoyed them. Not sure what my classification is in the knitting world, only knit what I see and like or has been requested by my granddaughter. So I only knit for my personal enjoyment. Also, admire you two for being able to have more than one project on the at the same time. I need to finish one before I start another. You two are great!

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