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Can’t tell you, it’s a secret!

There is so much going on these days and so much I can’t tell you about, it is Christmas time, just about everything Dianne and I are busy with is a secret!

We make gifts.  That translates to delusional estimates of how long all of the fun things we would like to make will take.  I suspect we are not alone in the fact that over the years in attempts to beat the clock, we have knit until our hands are cramped, sewn until our backs are aching and our shoulders are sore. We have even called “uncle” and ran out for a “store bought” gift at the last minute because there was just no way an item was going to be completed on time. Sometimes we just bite off more than we can “do”, sometimes we just can’t say no to a friendly request.  I have to admit my children have opened gifts to find a hand knit item incomplete and still on the needles! We will see how it goes this year but for now I can’t tell how the Christmas projects are progressing, it is a secret!

I can tell you about something that Dianne has been busy with, All Dyed Up has a new facebook page.  She has done a great job creating the page, linking it to our website and sharing it.  Some of you may have already seen it on facebook and we would like say thank you for the likes, the support means so much to us.

With Christmas comes New Year’s and it is our hope that 2017 will bring some fun and exciting things for  All Dyed Up.  We have a few plans  in the works and will keep you posted when they are firmed up, because you know … tis the season for secrets!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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