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Christmas in July

Do you celebrate Christmas in July?  As a teenager we had some terrific neighbors that surprised us with a truck load of snow, a decorated tree and gifts on a warm summer evening.  It was shorts, flip flops, snowballs, and wonderful memories.  I can still recall what my gift was, it was a little wind up toy mouse.  There is a story behind that too but that is best saved for another day!

For me now Christmas in July means “let the planning begin!”  I am starting my list and checking it twice, well more than twice but you get the idea.  Who is on my list this year, what would I like to make for them, what colour, what size ……?  Hhmmmm  

Thank goodness it is only July, but then again I’d better get cracking … Christmas in December is right around the corner!

So it begins.  Season’s Greetings!

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