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May, how time flies!

May is flying by!  Dianne and I have a booth at the Prince Edward County Fibre Festival on May 27th.  I suspect that having this on our calendar is part of the reason it is going by in a blink, yes my dear friends it is coming fast.  There are lots of awesome vendors attending so if you are looking for a lovely drive and tons of fibre wonderfulness all under one roof you might enjoy taking it in. can provide more information.   Please stop by and say hi if you can make it as we would love to see you.


Today Dianne and I attended a social hosted by Christopher Walker in Stirling, Ontario.  Cabinboyknits is presenting “Knitters in Residence” from May to October, 2017.  On specific weekends there are a variety of scheduled workshops taught by 4 different teachers.  Today we were given the opportunity to meet the faculty and see the location; I walked away wanting to take each class!!!  The host, Christopher, and the instructors were very kind,  inspiring and generous with their knowledge and time.  The location is a beautiful wooded property with an authentic log cabin on it.  What a combination, great people and stunning surroundings, … sign this girl up!


As you can imagine the dye pots have been busy and will be busy for the next few weeks getting ready for the festival.  Dianne has been exceptionally hard at it,  she is the “have been busy” part of the previous sentence, I , on the other hand am the “and will be busy for the next few weeks” part.   New for All Dyed Up! for the festival is our DK and worsted weight yarn and Dianne has produced lots of scrumptious colours!  


Just imagine all of the lovely things that could be made from these!

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  1. So wonderful that you made it to the event. You are more than welcome to drop in any time.

    Thank you for the shout out.


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