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My How Things Change!

I went for a ride on the Via!  It was a great little trip, I have always enjoyed the train.  Of course I took my knitting.  But alas dear friends this shawl just wasn’t meant to be and I ripped it out!  I re-dyed the grey, switched out the colourful skein and started again.  This is before the big rip!

After the switch and re-dip!

I had a lovely time away and I picked up some new dyes!  Just look at that chartreuse colour,  … wowzers!


Speaking of wowzers, Dianne and I took a huge leap out of our comfort zone this week and we made a little podcast!

For a couple of gals that have their children promised not to put their pictures online this was more than a leap, it is actually unbelievable!  It took us all day, well perhaps a day and a half, to make a 28 minute you tube video.  Personally I found it really hard to watch myself, we are our worst critics aren’t we!   It was such a hoot to see how our demeanor changed over the day with each attempt.  Our first recording was very scripted and structured, if we weren’t looking at ourselves on the screen we were constantly looking at our notes.  It got deleted!  By the 4 or 5th try it was late in the day and we were tired, a little punchy, and there was much more chatter rather than note following.  To keep myself from looking at the screen and my notes I simply took my glasses off!  That did the trick.  But, of course, the other side of that scenario is I couldn’t see my notes when I needed to either, hence the chatter!  All and all it was fun and I think we have agreed to try an episode 2 one of these days, stay tuned!

In partnership with the podcast we have started a ravelry group, All Dyed Up! Fibres.  Everyone is more than welcome to join our group and we would love to hear from you even if it is just to say hi.

Another first for Dianne and I is we have joined our first KAL (knit along), we are knitting the same shawl from our dyed yarns.  Since we dye independently we each came up with our own combination, look what we did …

Can you tell whose is whose?  Perhaps you could leave your answer in the comments and Dianne and I will post a picture with us wearing our shawls when they are done.

When Dianne had her dye pots out she tried something new!  She dyed a silk scarf, it is beautiful.  We have more materials on order and will be adding them to our shop soon, just wait until you see them, you are going to love them!

Dianne and I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for their support, best wishes, interest, etc. in All Dyed Up! Fibres.  You are the best and you mean the world to us!  

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