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On We Go!

The holidays have come and gone and I can now share our Christmas secrets!  Some of the special people in Dianne’s life received hand sewn bags and knitted socks.  She also made a pretty blue shawl and a lot of hats!  Her hats, all 50 of them, were donated to some wonderful folks.

Here are a few of her items. (We are missing hat pictures)

              Don’t these look cozy.

I knit socks and a hat but once again there isn’t a photo of the hat or one pair of socks.


And true to form one present was given with an IOU for a matching sock!  I tried to finish before wrapping time, really I did.

We knit both our own yarn and some from other dyers.  This past year Dianne and I visited some fibre festivals and had the joy of picking out some special skeins, we hit the dye pots and created some one of a kind skeins, and we had loved ones paint the yarn for their own socks.  It was so much fun to see how they knit up.

Christmas 2016 is behind us and the New Year has been rung in, I wonder what our Christmas 2017 handmade gifts will be, hhmmm!  In light of my IOU habit perhaps I should get started!



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