Sock Tubes


Fibre Content: 80% Merino 20% Nylon
Put Up: 115 grams (4.05 oz)
Yardage: 400 yards (365 m)

We use an antique circular sock knitting machine to crank our fingering weight yarn into a one of a kind knitted tubes.

Our sock tubes are knit in one long piece over 72 stitches. You can cut and unravel parts of the tube to add afterthought heels, thumbs, rounded ends, ribbed cuffs. With your creativity and imagination these knitted tubes can be converted into socks, gloves, arm warmers, mittens, cozies, stuffed animals etc. The machine does most of the knitting saving you hours, and you add the creative details!
When they arrive, you can quickly knit your cuffs and toes by simply picking up stitches, and removing yarn. Begin knitting your cuffs and toes as you normally would. When you’re ready to knit the heels just do a simple afterthought heel. If you’ve never done one don’t worry, just search “no waste yarn afterthought heel” on YouTube and you’ll find some wonderful tutorials.

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Yay!!! We are now able to vacuum seal our yarn for shipping! All yarns will be shipped in this manner.

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Weight .13 kg
Dimensions 27.9 × 21.6 × 2 cm


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