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We have a winner!

Thank you to the ladies that entered our MAL.  I randomly picked a winner today and it is Mary Lou.  She has been private messaged.  (well I tried anyway, facebook really isn’t my thing!).

Are you all busy getting ready for the next few days!  I am, I have lists, lots of lists.  Happily some of the things on them are getting crossed off, last minute items are getting picked up or delivered, menus are planned, errands are being ran, arrival times are set, most of the knitting is done and the ends are sewn it … it will be fine!  I have a song that I hear in my head when I feel I am running out of time during the holidays, it is Carol Of The Bells.  When I reach a certain point of “stressed out” I start to hum, “da da da dum, da da da dum, merry, merry, merry Christmas”, and it speeds up with every increased level of panic.  My children have caught on to this and either offer to help or make themselves scarce, depending on what they think is best in the situation.  What can I say, I guess it has become one of my “traditions”.  There hasn’t been any humming so far this year, but I had better get back to those lists.

We would like to thank you for all of our support and joining us on this adventure this past year.  From our homes to yours, we wish you a great holiday season and a wonderful 2018!

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