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“It All Begins And Ends With Love”

Something extra special hit the dye pots this week, I dyed yarn for a friend to give as a gift for a special lady in her life. There was lots of love ingrained into those skeins, my love of a friend and being thrilled to be part of her gift giving process, her love of the gift receiver and the special care she put into in choosing the colours and pattern meant for the yarn. I would like to give you a sneek peek but it is a gift, I better not!  I can show you this one though, I dyed it on the same day, it isn’t named yet, any suggestions?

While I was enjoying myself at my place Dianne was enjoying herself doing this

She is dyeing silk scarves, aren’t they gorgeous!  They will be added to the shop soon.

Guess what we finished, our knit-along shawls. Here they are.

Mine was the pink and Dianne’s was the gray one. I bet it isn’t a surprise to anyone as to which colours belonged to each of us. We agree the shawls were a fun process and we are game to knit something together again sometime.

Our next podcast is up and running.  Why not take a peek and maybe subscribe!

This week was more relaxed and we did it in one take! We still use some words over and over, we still look at notes we have pinned on either side of the camera and we still have some stage fright but I think we are improving.  What the heck, we are having fun!

Along with the podcast came a new Ravelry account .  For those that support us by reading the blog but may not be familiar with Ravelry I would describe it as being a sort of “facebook” for fiber enthusiasts.  It is an online community for folks that share patterns, yarn, their projects, and join groups with others with the same interests.  We post information regarding things we mentioned on the podcast there, like where to find patterns for example.  Feel free to join our group.

Dianne and I have some exciting news, we have a booth at the Prince Edward County Fibre Fest 2017.  Stop by and say Hi! It is Saturday, May 27th, 2017 at the Picton Arena & Prince Edward Community Centre. $5.00 at the door, children under 12 free. More information is available at There will be tons of fibre and yarnie goodness, classes available, sheep shearing demonstrations, and food trucks! Sounds like a road trip!!

I like road trips, I think Dianne does too. We went on one this week to a shop called Pine Ridge Knit and Sew in Trenton, ON.  It was a blustery day. I picked up some yarn for a vest I would like to knit some day.  There are a few things ahead of it but a girl has to have her dreams … right?  Dianne came home with some new fabrics for knitting bags! You are going to love them!

Well, dear readers, I started this blog with love and seem to have come full circle back around to it so with that I will sign off, all the best until next time. Thanks for stopping by our site, drop by anytime!

4 thoughts on ““It All Begins And Ends With Love”

  1. Great work girls!!
    “Life is colourful; be like a rainbow, use every colour! Don’t get stuck in one colour, be colourful! Black, red, yellow, green, let all the colours be your colours! Those who have colourful minds will have colourful bodies as well!”
    ― Mehmet Murat ildan

    1. Thank you!

  2. Hello Ladies
    just watched your video, I thought it was great, had a good laugh with the squirrel adventure story.
    to me your new yarn looks like summer nights… lol
    keep up the good work Ladies!!

  3. You two sisters crack me up. Got me laughing. I hear Tux in the background. I feel like I’m right back at the lake. Diane, if you couldn’t get rid of the squirrel you could have called your Mom. HA HA You have done so well with your website. Glad things are moving along for you both. Keep doing the great work.

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